Republished Titles

Republished and Re-Released Titles as of July 1, 2017:

10 Major and Controversial Topics by Anthony Galbicka
A Woman’s Silent Testimony by Daniel Tomlinson
A Wounded White Dove by Arthur Dale Likens
America: Project Reformation by Mark Lee Sheppard
An American Penny by Patricia Bowen Pope
An Inquiry Approach to Anatomy and Physiology by Barbara Butler
An Integrative Medicine Approach to Modern Eye Care by Alfred Anduze MD
An Unclouded Day by Ramona Bridges
Ancestral Bonz – The Prescotts by Carroll Silvera
Ancestral Bonz II – Montana by Carroll Silvera
Angel of Winter by Anne Elizabeth Dodd
Arrowheads and Darkeyes by Charles Ray
As a Leader…15 Points to Consider for More Inclusive Leadership by Dennis Brennan
Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony by Christopher Erikson
Beware of Demagogues by Gerald Fickenscher
Bible Based Briefs by Anthony Galbicka
Bible Based Briefs 2 by Anthony Galbicka
Birth Pangs by Daniel Tomlinson
Briarwood Cottage by Bev Clark
Celebrating the 500th Anniversary by Anthony Galbicka
Civil War: Ancestral Bonz III by Carroll Silvera
Daniel and the Raven by Daniel Huffmaster
Declaring Your Worth by Craig A Miller
Deliver Up Honor – HARDCOVER by David Ryan
Deliver Up Honor – PAPERBACK by David Ryan
Demons of the Great Sacandaga Lake by Irene Pough
Depression, Anxiety and the Child of God by Scott Kraniak
Depression, Anxiety and the Child of God – Devotional by Scott Kraniak
Diamond Girl by Brenda Turner
Easy 8: A Bully’s View by Carrolyn Foster
Easy 8: The Big Event by Carrolyn Foster
Elusive Chauffeur by David Brown
Essential Guide to Treat Diabetes and to Lower Cholesterol by Howard T Joe
Essential Guide to Treat Diabetes and to Lower Cholesterol (CHINESE) by Howard T Joe
Every 21 Seconds by Brian Sweeney
Every 9 Seconds by Carroll Silvera
Evolving the Human Race Game by Carroy Ferguson
Facedown by Aletha V. Simpson
Felix the Wannabee Fire Fly by Jacqueline Marie Wallace
Fish Tales and Rainbow Colors by Elizabeth Newton
Gabby Giggles by C. Toni Graham
Glass Ceiling: Swinging Doors by Daisy Lopoz
He Knew Me by Glen Wood
Healed Through Cancer by James Littleton
Hidden Passage by Esther Mesterson
How to Have Good Success in Youth Ministry by Anthony Galbicka
I am Unique by Elsie Guerrero
Iceland Poppies by Katherine Smith
In His Service by Eric Wheeler
Inclusion/Exclusion: Softball’s Olympic Odyssey by Donald Porter
Interpretation of Visions and Dreams by Stephen Buttafucco
Islam is a Religion of Logic by Baher Foad
Itty Bitty Kitty by Catherine Follestad
Itty Bitty Kitty: Fun Day by Catherine Follestad
Just Passing Through by Margaret Tutor
Life in a Box by Charles Carrell
Love on the Line by Aletha V. Simpson
Memoirs of a Bygone Era by Louis Schavie
More than Domestic Violence by Mike Wilbur
Murdoch’s Revenge by Jerold Jacover
My Lifetime on the Water by William Alligood
No Secondhand Rose, My Name is Forshia by Forshia Ross
Noble Character by Baher Foad
Oleand the Guardian Angel by Martha Diessner
On the Road to Emmaus by Daniel Tomlinson
One in the Lord by Tommy Vickner
One Vegan Mama by Deanna Dylan Scott
Our Mansion on Anglin Road by Arthur Dale Likens
Outlaw Land by Kristen Porter
Parenting with Soul by Jay Krunszyninsky
Peace River Anthology by Charles Ray
Queen of Black Square by Alex Liu
Quest for the Truth by Alan Losure
Red Dirt Riders by Kristen Porter
Return to the Cumberland by Rita and Larry Frayley
Silent Hope by Marcus Thomas
Spirit of the Wichitas by David Rollins
Standing on the Promises by Ramona Bridges
Sunset Peak by David Rollins
Surviving the Suffering by Dr. Tim Moore
Sweet By and By by Ramona Bridges
Sylvie and Sean by Cheryl Filipak
The Adorned Heart by Anthony Galbicka
The Adventures of Pluffo the Parakeet by Jean Austin-Long
The Cabin by Catherin Elizabet Belle
The Canyon of Wild Horses by Eric Taylor
The Caste in the Sky: Paradise Island by Appollos A. Martin
The Castle Rock Legend by Eric Taylor
The Country Girl by Donna Merriam
The Darker Side of Justice by Gerald Price
The DNA of Leadership by Dick Abel
The Gideon Mission by David Clarke
The Good Life and Other Philisophical Essays on Human Nature by Robert Craig
The Guardians by Catherin Elizabet Belle
The Japanese American Story by S. Floyd Mori
The Officer’s House by Judith Baller-Fabian
The Power of a Known Purpose by Ernest Sutton
The Promise by Sharon Dexter
The Reentry of Jesus and His Renaissance by Anthony Galbicka
The Rope by Cathemae A CecchinThe Secret by Christina Dettmer
The Sioux Clan and The New Heroes by Dakota Peterson
The Sioux Clan: The Fountain of Youth by Dakota Peterson
The Wilderness Shall Blossom like the Rose by Forshia Ross
To Gain the Whole World by Tim Johnson
Treasures of Elk Mountain by David Rollins
Trip to the Mall by Kylan Mogg
Uncle Jim’s Jungle Story by Dr. James Cook