Publishing  with Yorkshire

Yorkshire Publishing truly enjoys finding that “gem in the rough,” polishing it, then showing it off to the world. From editing and design to printing and distribution, Yorkshire Publishing has a team of top-quality publishing veterans working on each step of the process. We can make your dreams of getting published a reality.

Yorkshire Publishing accepts completed fiction, non-fiction, plays, devotionals, children’s books, short story collections, and poetry collections. We do not accept single poems or single short stories.

After reviewing your submission and platform, and if your book is accepted by Yorkshire Publishing, we will offer one of the following publishing agreements for your consideration:


Author Assisted Publishing

Utilizing our team of professionals, we assist the author with any of the following services: editing, proofreading, typesetting, book design, including the cover design, custom illustrations, press release, and online book distribution. In this very collaborative process, we work together to create something the author loves and is proud of. Separate from production, we offer options for marketing and promotion. The author retains all ownership and intellectual property and accrues royalties beginning with the first book sold.  In this type of agreement the author covers the cost of the project, both production and promotion.


Traditional Publishing

Projects selected for traditional publication will have costs covered by Yorkshire Publishing. Depending on the project, this includes all aspects of book production, marketing, and distribution. This will routinely include a publicity campaign with events potentially including book signings, radio or television interviews, podcast appearances, and social media posts. Factors in determining who is selected include, but are not limited to, the author’s current platform and demonstrated ability to sell books previously written. The author receives royalties on book sales once Yorkshire Publishing has recouped productio, publicity, and marketing expenses. Yorkshire Publishing retains all rights and ownership of the project.

Traditional Publishing is only offered to authors who meet the necessary qualifications as determined by Yorkshire Publishing.

Publishing Services


The proofreading process involves a complete review of an author’s manuscript – with a focus on grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


The editing process involves a complete review of an author’s manuscript – with a focus on syntax, flow, and clarity.

Interior Design

A properly typeset book, combined with a manuscript that resonates with readers, can make a good book great.

Cover Design

We create attractive covers that incorporate themes from your book and information needed to sell your book in stores and online.

Custom Illustration

We create custom images, charts, and illustrations to help you successfully connect with your audience and properly illustrate ideas.


We will create and manage your eBook across all the major platforms, including Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook.

Marketing Services

Website Design

Social Media Setup

Digital Advertising

Reputation Management

Printed Materials

Book Trailers