About Yorkshire Publishing

Our Mission

Yorkshire Publishing was founded with a passion to represent both new and established authors alike. Yorkshire Publishing’s desire is to positively impact the lives of the people we touch—from the author to the reader. We have combined several publishing companies to create Yorkshire Publishing. Yorkshire Publishing and our publishing acquisitions have published and distributed thousands of books since late 2002.

What We Do

With a team of talented editors, designers and publicists, Yorkshire Publishing is missing only one component in our team-based approach – our next author. Unlike many publishers who require an agent to act as a middleman in the publishing process, we accept submissions directly from authors as well as from literary agents.

Our Team

Kent Denmark, MD


Kent has a passion for books. An avid reader since a young age, he considers time with a good book an essential part of a great day. Following a career in medicine that included 20+ years of emergency clinical care, clinical education roles, educational research with implementation, innovation and administrative leadership roles, it became obvious it was time to move into the next phase of life.

With the opportunity to assume the leadership of Yorkshire Publishing, Kent is looking forward to continuing and improving a culture that supports authors from beginning to end in a personalized environment to maximize the opportunity for success improving our readers minds and lives.

Laura Denmark, RN

General Manager

Laura has a heart for children. Whether it has been providing quality care for sick children hospitalized in a stepdown unit at a children’s hospital, raising her own 4 children, or leading moms and kids in personal development groups, she has always been engaged in improving lives and relationships.

She sees her move to participate in publishing as providing care for authors so that they feel appreciated and supported through the entire publishing process. One of her primary goals will be facilitating platform improvements so that authors can have additional opportunities to communicate the “why” behind their work with their readers.

Samantha Ryan

Director of Publishing

Samantha’s background includes several years working as a consultant for marketing and PR. Samantha started with Yorkshire Publishing in 2018. Samantha earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a Creative Writing focus from the University of Tulsa.

Justin Ridener

Director of Operations and Finance

Justin brings almost 15 years of leadership experience in the wireless industry from which he held many different roles. Justin Ridener earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Oklahoma State University.