Marketing services


In addition to our comprehensive book publishing services, we also offer additional marketing services as needed for an aspiring author. From website design to reputation management, social media management to promotional materials – we are able to assist an author at any point on their path to publication.

Website Design

Your website is the centerpiece of all your marketing efforts. It is a virtual storefront that every ad, review, social post, and search engine points back to. Missing the mark on your website can become an expensive mistake.

Social Media Setup

72% of users report making purchase decisions based on something they saw on Instagram or Facebook. Every day, millions of consumers declare their buying intentions on social media. Authors must keep their followers engaged to grow their audience and build loyalty.

Digital Advertising

Companies everywhere are competing online for people’s attention. The key to success is to be there for the right person at the right time. An effective advertising strategy accomplishes exactly that, and your existing online efforts like your website and social media are far more effective for it

Printed Materials

Our team will create custom bookmarks, retractable banners, foam-core posters, tablecloths, postcards, and more for your next event or book signing.

Reputation Management

Today, the online reputation of your business is defined by both you and your customers in over 300 online locations. Reviews, accurate business information, and social media activity impact your reputation and whether someone decides to do business with you.

Book Trailers

We offer 30, 60, or 90-second book trailers with text, images, and a soundtrack.