Being 3 is The Best Age to Be

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Written by Paul Picerni

In Being Three is the Best Age to Be we find little Sophia, our birthday girl, riding up in a ski lift chair with her big sister Maria. She explains, “Most of the snow has now disappeared. The winter is gone and the summer has neared.” Then, as the girls climb higher toward the mountaintop, Sophia notices, “It seems to get colder the higher we go. And now it seems that there is more snow.” Sophia is surprised once exiting the ski lift at the top of the mountain by her friends who have planned a fun day playing in the snow. Not all goes as planned though, as Sophia explains, “They say when I’m older some things I’ll forget. Sharing cake with a bear, I’ll remember, I’ll bet.” The ride down the ski is no less an adventure as echoes bounce off mountainsides invigorating the excitement, which is captivated in colorful illustrations.

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