Cove Lass: Chronicles of Kilkenny Cove

"What are you trying to say?" "Only that... I'm finding it difficult... not to fall in love with you, that's all."

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“What are you trying to say?” “Only that… I’m finding it difficult… not to fall in love with you, that’s all.”



By Elaine Finley

“What are you trying to say?”

“Only that…I’m finding it difficult…not to fall in love with you, that’s all.”

Pank sat, biting her lip, not quite knowing how to respond to the thrilling words. The very words she had longed to hear. But though they were the right words, and gently spoken, they were strangely final words. Words wrapped in a tone that sounded altogether hopeless.

In the spring of 1944, World War II escalated as Hitler bombarded Europe. But to the inhabitants of Kilkenny Cove, Tennessee, the war seemed far away. This small community of families and friends was swept up in love triangles and life crises, and young Pank Kellarney had much to learn from those around her about faith and love. Everyone expected her to marry Graeson Garrett, her childhood sweetheart, but Pank’s loyalties changed when a young politician, Todd Dinnawald, entered her life.

Todd seemed to promise a life of prestige and opportunity for Pank, but Graeson’s love for her remained unwavering. Pank finds herself in an emotional tug of war as she struggles with the decision to leave the cove and her ordinary life behind. Or will her heart return to its old refuge in Graeson? In this tapestry of a novel, author M. Elaine Finley has woven together a beautiful community, a volatile time period, and rich characters to form a story you won’t soon forget. With its themes of faith, love, and friendship, Cove Lass: Chronicles of Kilkenny Cove is truly a timeless piece.

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