Fatal Warnings

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By Alan Losure

In the year 1907, workmen digging at a local gravel pit were startled by unearthing a human skull that rolled down an embankment at their feet. The gruesome discovery made interesting reading in the morning issue of the Chronicle newspaper, but the good citizens of Marion, Indiana had no idea of the fear and terror that would soon rock their community. Days later, a strange letter arrived at the office of Grant County Crime Scene Investigator, Captain Benjamin Stewart. In it, the sender stated a massive murdering spree would soon commence and that neither he nor the Marion Police Department could stop it. Instead of a signature, the writer closed with a sketch of a human skull. Within days, the first victim fell at the hands of the killer now known as Skull. Other warning letters soon followed, sending the town into total panic. Who would become Skull’s next intended victim and how many more must die at the hands of this psychopath before he or she is stopped?

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